Why I fly to LA four times a year (and why I’ll always be in a coaching program)

Coaching Programs, Masterminds, and Why I’ll Always Be a Part of Both


Yesterday, I kissed my toddler and husband goodbye, hopped on a plane, and flew to LA for a mastermind retreat – as I now do a few times a year.

For me, that’s no casual, easy thing.

I’m an introvert to the core. A homebody through and through. And I’m obsessed with family time (I mean, have you seen my IG stories??).

If I‘m being cute here, I‘d just say that I miss them a lot, but if I’m being honest, there’s definitely some separation anxiety there.

So why do I do it? Why do I pull myself away from the things that are comfortable, the people I love, the routines I live by? Not to mention, why do I do it so often?

And… maybe the part you’d be more interested in: Why does all of this matter to you?

We’re unpacking that today.

coaching programs - why i fly to LA four times a year

The Value of a Curated Coaching Program


Because… I have learned that there is nothing better for me and for my business than getting in real rooms with real people.

Sure, I’ve learned new skills in online courses.

I have picked up tips and tricks through many a Google search.

I’ve gotten some great strategies from YouTube videos.

And I have picked up some fabulous insights from free Facebook groups.

BUT nothing — and I mean NOTHING — beats getting into real rooms with real people.

When I think about the turning points in my business, they didn’t happen while I was watching a course; they happened when I was collaborating with people.

When I think about the big, scary, seemingly impossible goals I’ve achieved, they didn’t happen while I was crowdsourcing other people’s opinions online; they happened while working with other people on my level while being led by a coach who had achieved the level of success I wanted.

And when I think about the major milestones I’ve had in my business, they didn’t happen when I was flying solo. They happened when I had serious support from other business owners (not just friends and family), as well as serious support from committed coaches – coaches who saw me as a name, not a number.

Friends and family are great and flying solo can be fine for a while, but when you want to uplevel to your big, butterflies-inducing goals, it’s a heck of a lot easier (and faster) when you have other people in your corner.


It’s why – no matter how much my business has grown – I’ve always been in a curated coaching program or mastermind (or both!). It’s why I’ll always be in one, too.


In fact, the only year when I wasn’t in some kind of curated coaching program or mastermind was the one year when my business plateaued.

I approached that year and told myself: “I don’t need this. I’m good now. I can fly solo for a while. I’m fiiiiiine.”

And it’s not like I suddenly got dumber.

It’s not like my products stopped being excellent or my audience stopped valuing what I had to offer.

Business wasn’t even bad. But it wasn’t anything special either. And it wasn’t anything like what we had seen before and what we see now.

And of course, the second I joined a coaching program again, it was like a switch flipped – as it always does – and everything changed.

Because when you have other people in your business, supporting you, you have other PERSPECTIVES in your business, you have accountability, you have access to people who aren’t in the echo chamber that is your brain. Right?

Also, when you invest in a coaching program, you invest in yourself and your business on a more serious level. Which can totally change the way you see your business and change the way you approach it (in the best of ways).

It seems simple when I type it out, yet so many people underestimate the value of what curated coaching programs or masterminds can bring their business.

Hint: It’s way more than the investment you’ll make.

And it’s way more than anyone could possibly articulate on a sales page.

It’s why when anyone asks me about MY curated coaching program, Launchpad, I always do my best to describe what it can do for them, but ultimately, I am at a loss.

Sure, I’ve strung together some pretty words and phrases to describe the immense value Launchpad can have for course creators: the in-person summits, the various features and benefits of Launchpad, the state-of-the-art trainings, the proven systems, the same strategies I’ve used to grow my multimillion dollar business. I’ve tried to emphasize how important it is to connect with human beings, and I’ve waxed poetic about the value of the coaching calls and the small, private community…

But I’m just scratching the surface.

It’s so much more than a bunch of courses, trainings, coaching calls, and a community.

It’s – quite possibly – the difference in you making a dream a reality… rather than wistfully hoping “one day.”


In Launchpad, we’re not about “one day”; we’re about NOW. We’re about taking action and doing it together.


And we are all about getting you to the 6- or 7-figure success you see for your online course.

If any of that sounds like what you want, then I need you to do yourself a favor and fill out an application today.

Don’t deliberate for days or even weeks.

Allow yourself to explore what’s possible for you and your business (and your online course!) and go fill out an application.

My team will contact you to book a call and we’ll go from there.

We can’t wait to work with you!



The TL;DR version: Launchpad is a curated coaching program for serious course creators who have their sights set on 6- or 7-figure success with their online courses. If that’s you, and you want the trainings, community, and support to get where you want to go with your online course, apply today. Availability is limited.

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