Ever wonder what super successful course creators know… that maybe you don’t know? (You know, like those course creators that make six, seven, or even eight figures almost exclusively selling online courses?)

successful online courses and course creators

And they’re not limited to B2B courses either. There are super successful course creators in nearly every niche imaginable, teaching online courses on things like art, music, foreign languages, homemaking, photography, cooking, weight loss, fitness, and so, so many more.

But let’s not leave the B2B world out of it either, because a lot of online courses are created for business owners, covering a range of topics like marketing, social media, advertising, sales, SEO, website design and development, finances, and so on. 

With all the different online courses out there covering all kinds of different topics, there are some course creators who are super successful… and others who aren’t

Which leads to the question:

What do those super successful course creators know… that the others don’t

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Back to the question: 

What do those super successful course creators know… that the others don’t

Short answer: Not a whole lot. 

Seriously though.

The answer is that simple:

Super successful course creators don’t know a whole lot more than unsuccessful course creators. 

Meaning, they don’t necessarily have more knowledge, they aren’t necessarily smarter, they don’t have some insider secret or a magic pill that you can only get if you’re the lucky few.

They know their strengths and they know their weaknesses, much like most less-than-successful course creators.

Successful course creators embrace their strengths and get help for their weaknesses.

On the other hand, less-than-successful course creators embrace their strengths and try to single-handedly make up for their weaknesses with no outside help.

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For example, successful course creators will be good at teaching their content for their online courses but maybe not so good at marketing their online courses. Such is usually the case for the unsuccessful course creators as well. 

The difference is the successful course creator will get help by seeking out an expert who specializes in launching online courses.

The unsuccessful course creator will instead try to become an expert in launching online courses.

See the problem?

A successful course creator saves time, energy, and money by seeking out solutions earlier in their process, which means a more successful, more profitable course faster.

On the flip-side, an unsuccessful course creator wastes time, energy, and money trying to figure out everything on their own, which means everything takes far longer and is met with more resistance. 

This is why so many courses flop and so many course creators quit early.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. 

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There are actual online course launching experts out there.

(That’s what I do.)

 There are proven step-by-step systems for creating and launching online courses.

(That’s what I offer.)

There are even high-touch programs to support you while you create and launch your online course.

(That’s what my curated coaching program, Launchpad is for.)

There are also programs that show you what to do in between launches so you can gain momentum even when you’re not launching.

(That’s also what Launchpad is for.)

There are also—

Ok, you get the idea. 


So it comes down to one big question. Maybe you’ve heard me ask it before:

Do you want to figure out how to have a successful, profitable online course… 

Or do you want to have a successful, profitable online course? 

The difference between those two goals is the difference in successful course creators and unsuccessful course creators.

It is that simple.

Online courses and how to create a successful one

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I’m here to help you build, grow, and scale your business.

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