The Course Course: A Tour of What’s Inside this Course Creation Course

A Tour of The Course Course

“What’s inside The Course Course?” you so wisely ask?

This is a quick overview of what it’s all about

The Course Course: A Tour of What's Inside this Course Creation Course

The Course Course (a $5,000 value*)


*The value, not the price. 😉


The Vocal Validation Method + The Freemapping Method™


I show you how to refine your idea so it’s designed for student success (and sales), how to validate your idea and get the feedback that really matters so you don’t waste your time creating a course no one wants, and how to use my signature Freemapping Method™ to get that course idea out of your head and into module-and-lesson form, all in just two hours.


Phase 1: The Packaging


A course is a gift; the packaging and presentation should be thoughtful and strategic. So, in Phase 1, I share a few key strategies to develop your course content so that it aids student success first and foremost. We also create your Transformation Timeline and we infuse teaching tools into the content so that the student can both learn and implement. Finally, I help you name your course, create your waitlist, and start growing your waitlist — even if you have no audience. Phase 1 gives you what you need to launch with a line already formed!


Phase 2: Priming Your Audience


You prime a surface before you paint it, and so it goes that before you launch your course, you need to first prime your audience. In Phase 2, I share my specific strategies for priming an audience, including a livestream series, a high-converting webinar, and an irresistible lead magnet. I also give you fill-in-the-blank templates for all of these assets, so all you need to do is plug and play while growing your audience — your future students — fast. In Phase 2, I also introduce you to the Pricing Pancake. 

(Hint: If you struggle with pricing and sales, the Pricing Pancake will become your new best friend.) 😉


Phase 3: Selling the Course


The magic of the internet and automation makes it possible to sell your course, even when you’re asleep. So, in Phase 3, we put everything in place to make. it. happen. Inside, I provide you a fill-in-the-blank workbook and tutorial to create a high-converting sales page, I help you choose the best course platform to meet your needs, and we set pricing, payment tiers, and refund policies. Finally, we wrap up Phase 3 by building two launch assets: your welcome sequence and your launch e-mail series. 

Not a strong writer? No worries, because I give you templates and swipe files to make writing those e-mails fast and easy.

Ready to join us? Just click here to get started and join The Course Course.


Phase 4: The Launch


After the work of the previous three phases, you’re now ready to share your course with the world! In this phase, I give you a launch calendar (the same one we use in our business) to organize your open cart period, I share open cart strategies to help you build momentum throughout (no mid-cart fizzle here!), and I show you how to double your sales on the final day through a few simple mechanisms. Also, we cover how to onboard new students into your program so they can hit the ground running and see success in your course sooner. And after all, more student success = more sales.


Phase 5: Creating Your Course


This is where we really roll up our sleeves and put it all together. With all the boxes checked from the previous modules, creating the course is simple and straightforward. In this module, I share my quick strategies for scripting lessons, filming course videos, creating supplemental workbooks and other resources, designing slideshows, and getting everything edited and over into your course home regardless of your technical skills and savvy. You get everything you need in this module to turn your course into a finished product.


Phase 6: Serving Your Students


Every teacher knows that when the students gather in the classroom, the teaching has only just begun. So in Phase 5, we move beyond selling into serving the students in your course. Regardless of the level of support you choose to offer (or not offer), I share the systems that help you properly onboard new students, keep engagement high (to keep refunds low), and ensure maximum student success. Then, I walk through my exact launch post-mortem so that you can continue to improve — not just your course but your sales process as well.

Then, I give you the steps you need to take to move beyond the beta… into the next launch of your course.

But… that’s just the course.

On top of the 6 core phases of The Course Course, you’ll also get $5,000 worth in bonuses, including…


The Course Course Club  ($1,000 value)


This members’ only group is the place to go to ask questions, get feedback, share insight, get another “set of eyes,” and celebrate your wins along your course creation journey.

While I do not offer 1:1 coaching to the public, the students in this community get the next best thing as I am in the group every. single. day. 

(Not to mention, you get the power of connecting with other ambitious and motivated course creators — like you!)

If you need accountability, this is program for you as The Course Course is equal parts course + coaching + community.


Sales Page Template ($500 value) 


Fill-in-the-blank workbook to help you create a high-converting sales page.


E-mail Swipe File  ($500 value)


A collection of our best performing e-mails with notations included.


Video Editing Basics ($300 value)


A short, low-tech training to help you edit your videos as you upgrade your course.


Webinar Template ($500 value)


Fill-in-the-blank workbook to help you create a high-converting webinar page.


Launch calendar ($200 value)


The exact calendar we use to organize all 6 phases of the creation and launching process.


Camera Confidence Masterclass  ($1,000 value)


Available to those who opt for the full-pay option:

A training to help you leverage your strengths and communicate confidently through video.


FB Jumpstart  ($1,000 value)


Available to those who opt for the full-pay option:

A training guaranteed to help you revive your Facebook page and increase your engagement and traffic fast.


This entire program (the course plus the bonuses) is valued at $10,000 but you can get started for as little as $150.

For real.

This is the proven system for creating and launching a successful, profitable online course in three weeks.

What are you waiting for?

Click HERE and let’s build your course together!

See you inside!

Hi, I’m Courtney!

Actor by trade.

Entrepreneur by accident.

Multi 7-figure course creator (on purpose).

I help business owners launch their online courses in four weeks or less so they can increase both their income + impact.