How to Get Past Your Fear of Technology with Online Courses

How to Get Past Your Fear of Technology with Online Courses

“But what if I’m allergic to technology?”

I know technology with online courses is one of those things that you either embrace like a basketful of puppies…

Or you run away from in a panic. 

If you’re already feeling that warm-puppy joy and you’re ready to create your online course, then skip the spiel and learn more/enroll in The Course Course here. 

BUT for those with tech allergies, stick around…

how to create an online course with no tech skills

Technology and Online Courses

My tech allergy friends,

I get you.

I do.


I am not one of you.

(This is where you’re like “Um, Courtney, you’re supposed to make yourself more relatable by saying you shared the same struggles as me and now you’ve overcome them and that will help you sell The Course Course more easily, so what are you doing with this whole ‘I am not one of you’ mess?!” ::face palm:: )


Technology for online courses doesn’t usually stump me. It comes naturally.

(My dad’s an electrical engineer, for goodness’ sake. This stuff is in my genes!)

But if you don’t have tech skills built into your DNA, whatevz. That’s irrelevant.

Tech skills can be taught.

More importantly, I can teach you.

Even more importantly, I can teach you just what you need to know to get your course finished and on its feet in four weeks or less.

Why? Because the reality is this:

You don’t need prior tech skills with online courses. 

You did years ago, but nowadays, you don’t. There are better, easier ways — ways that I teach inside The Course Course. 😉

Inside The Course Course, I go step by step, strategy by strategy, and break it down as bite-sized as possible with over-your-shoulder style videos to help you take action and make. it. happen.

(Yes, PC users, I’m talking to you, too.)

And if you’ve been in any of my other courses before, you know: Simplifying and teaching technology is one of my strengths. 

But it doesn’t stop there.

You don’t just need how-to tutorials because this isn’t just about teaching you something…

This is about helping you accomplish something.


I’ve designed The Course Course for implementation. 


As in, your implementation.

And I’ve included just what you need to know to make it all happen with equal parts community + content + coaching.

The Course Course is the playbook of a multi-million dollar online course company. (Mine.)

And you can have allll of that strategy and support at your fingertips when you join.

Bottom line:

If technology is the thing getting in the way of you creating your course, then I say nope.

I reject that reason.

That should never be an excuse, and I want to get you out of that funk. 

I’m here to help.


Don’t let lack of technology knowledge be a stall tactic. That’s exactly how you deprive the world of your gifts.


Please don’t do that.

You’re better than that.

Share that ish.

It’s so needed.

And while you’re at it, join me in The Course Course.

I dare you.


Hi, I’m Courtney!

Actor by trade.

Entrepreneur by accident.

Multi 7-figure course creator (on purpose).

I help business owners launch their online courses in four weeks or less so they can increase both their income + impact.