Return on Investment with Online Courses: But what if it works?

Cost vs. Return on Investment with Online Courses

I had a little epiphany last weekend.

While watching my husband work on our front yard on Saturday, I was thinking about the difference between the cost of something and the return on investment of something (especially with the return on investment with online courses).

(Welcome to a typical weekend train of thought for me.) 😉

I realized that for many of us, when we think about making a purchase — whether in business or in life — we think about the cost first.

More specifically, we focus on what we’ll lose before we focus on what we’ll gain.

(I realize that I’m privileged to even get to make this distinction, but then again, I’m talking to you, a business owner. So I know you can relate.)

Return on Investment with Online Courses: But what if it works?

Cost & Return on Investment: What do you stand to gain?

When you hire a contractor or employee, for example, of course you consider what you’ll pay them, but the real consideration — the reason you don’t hire just anyone — is “What will the return on this investment be?”

Sure, you may pay that contractor per project — that’s what it costs you — but the most important thing to ask is “What could I gain?”

If they are qualified and capable and enthusiastic and all those happy adjectives us employers like to use, then that person you hire will bring you far more money than they’ll ever cost you.

(Not to mention all the time you’ll gain back.)

So the return on investment could be fairly high.

One more example: The return on investment with online courses.

As a business owner, I’m creative and clever by nature (you are, too!) so I can get scrappy and bootstrappy with the best of them. I can figure out stuff on my own if I have enough time.

Ah, but time, that pesky force… It continues on ceaselessly, whether we want it to or not.

In fact, time is the only resource we can’t get more of.

I can always make more money (even if it doesn’t always feel that way), and I can always get more energy. Those things are renewable resources.

And I can better manage how I use my time, sure, but time is not a renewable resource. It is precious.

So, any expense that saves me time must go through the filter of:

What could my return on investment be?


Rather than…

What will this cost me?

It’s for this reason that I can justify investing in online courses and programs for my business.

If it can save me time, and if it can earn me more money, then there will be a return on the investment.


So, if you’re considering The Course Course, ask yourself “What’s the return on that investment with this online courses?”


Will it save me time? Will it help me make money faster?

Is joining The Course Course and using a proven system that can get me launched in three weeks a better use of time and money than attempting to DIY this thing for the next few months without any system at all?

(After all, when I’ve polled my students, most of them say they’ve been sitting on their course idea, trying to figure out how to launch for 6-12 months. If not longer.)

If something will help me save time —a non-renewable resource — then that’s a good return on investment.

And of course, if something will give me a proven system from a multi-million dollar online course company, then that’s a good investment as well.

(You especially get this if you’ve seen the video at the top of this page.)

And — no one talks about this, but it’s so real — if something will help me stay on track and stay accountable, therefore getting me to my goals faster, then that’s a good return on investment, too.

(The Course Course has accountability built right in with both a student support group and locked content based on your course progress and completion.)


This is starting to get long, so here’s my point:


If you’re considering The Course Course but haven’t yet jumped in because of the price, then first off, good! I think there’s a lot of wisdom in weighing buying decisions rather than just buying things flippantly.

However, we’re getting down to the wire here and The Course Course closes tomorrow night.

So here’s what I propose…

Ask yourself:

What could my return on investment be if I joined The Course Course now?

If you invested in this program, your returns would be monetary, without a doubt. That’s not up for debate.

Creating a course means you’re adding an asset to your business that can grow your business long after you create it. 


But the non-monetary returns are pretty amazing, too:


Prestige… because when you launch a course you establish yourself as an expert. Pure and simple.

Platform… because when you launch a course, you build a platform that can be leveraged for other opportunities.

Momentum… because when you launch a course, you draw more attention to your business in general.

Impact… because when you launch a course, you have a limitless capacity to scale.

Freedom… because when you launch a course, you aren’t tied to a schedule, swapping hours for dollars.


So, ask yourself:


What could an online course do for my business, my bank account, my life?

And then ask yourself:

What could my return on investment be if I joined The Course Course now?

If you’re anything like me, the answer to that first question answers the second question.

Try it out. Ask yourself. Dig deep.

Dare to dream for a second or two.

Then see where you land.

If it’s over here on The Course Course side of the fence, then click HERE to get started.

Let’s build and launch your course together.

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