Pocket Products™ | A quick cash injection into your biz in 5 days or less!
Ready to grow your audience and grow your revenue—at the same time—but don't know how?
(Hint: That's not a catch-22.)

Pocket Products™ is a quick workshop and tutorial bundle to help you create an even quicker cash injection into your business while growing your audience. Simultaneously.
Ditch lead magnets. Try Pocket Products™!

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I’m sharing what I know from my experience in my own businesses…

By dreaming big, but starting small

By beginning with teeny tiny pocket products™, then scaling to my bigger offers later…

Which allowed me to build the multimillion dollar company I have today.

This Pocket Products™ workshop is essentially five years in the making…

But it’ll only take you five days to implement. 😉

And after welcoming over 5,000 business owners of all industries, niches, and backgrounds, we want to welcome you, too!

Ready for quick cash and a more sustainable business in the process?

(Um, OF COURSE you are!)

Create your Pocket Product™ today!

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So... why am I sharing this right now?

Hi, I’m Courtney Foster-Donahue!

I’m a business and marketing strategist as well as four-time entrepreneur, and I’ve worked with thousands of business owners in dozens of countries across the world, helping them build, market, and scale their businesses through digital marketing and digital products.

The idea for Pocket Products™ came to me in the form of a question I asked myself recently...

With SO much up in the air with our economy, I know so many of my students are struggling, whether because their businesses aren’t recession-proof … or because their own clients and customers have dramatically changed their buying behaviors…

And let's be real: Slow-growth strategies like free lead magnets often fill your list with freebie-finders rather than potential customers, and far too few of those leads turn into sales.

Basically, we could all use a quick cash injection right now, and we could all benefit from a strategy that can also help us grow our audiences, whether we're brand spanking new to business or we've been around for a bit. 

So, I asked myself two questions: 

“How can I help business owners grow their audience faster and more effectively and how can I help them create a quick cash injection in their business… say $1K in 5 days or less… especially right now, when so many people need it the most?"

...I didn’t ask “How can I help them build a sustainable business?”  That can take a few months.

...I didn’t ask “How can I help them launch an online course?” That can take a few weeks.


I asked “How can I help business owners see significant audience growth and make the most money and in the shortest amount of time?”

I mulled it over, then I circled back to what I know best...

A strategy I've been using for YEARS...

A strategy to create a quick cash injection that is panic-proof (and pandemic-proof) so a business—any type of business—can pivot and profit.


SUPER fast.

Like, less-than-five-days-and-then-it’s-freaking-DONE fast.

The strategy I teach inside Pocket Products™ is the same one I used to get my online business started five years ago when I had zero list, zero following, and zero budget.

It’s the same strategy I used to generate not $1K in 5 days but $10K in 2 days.

(Which paved the way to the multimillion dollar business I have today.)

It's the same strategy that so many 6-, 7-, and 8-figure businesses use every.single.day.

And it's the same strategy I've now taught to over 5,000 business owners around the world.

Now, I want to teach it to YOU.

You’re so welcome. 😉

"Ok, but... what is a pocket product?"

Pocket products™ are a specific type of tripwire — a low cost, high value, digital product — that you can create and sell to your audience to grow your audience and your revenue simultaneously.

In the Pocket Products™ workshop, we turn the concept of a tripwire on its head and teach you our proprietary process for creating a truly irresistible offer that your audience will want.

Best of all, Pocket Products™ allow you to create a profitable gateway into your business, so you can meet people where they are — through a low cost, easy yes offer, and take them on a customer journey to your other (no doubt amazing) offers. 

Want specific examples of actual Pocket Products™?

Keep reading — we have those below!

So, what's in it for you?

The Pocket Products™ formula works for any type of business—brick-and-mortar or online, products-based or service-based, coaches or consultants, local or global.

If you’re tired of these slow-grow, low ROI, strategies that tell you to grow your audience before you even make a buck in your business, then Pocket Products™ is for you.

If you’re ready to ditch lead magnets and start seeing real revenue, then Pocket Products™ is for you.

If you’re gearing up to create and launch a course, but you don’t know who you’d sell it to or even how to get started, then Pocket Products™ is for you.

Heck, if you just want or need a quick cash injection in your business, then Pocket Products™ is for you!

Inside the Pocket Products™ workshop, I share:

👉How to pick a perfect pocket product™ idea

👉How to turn that idea into a marketable digital product

👉How to turn that digital product into an irresistible offer

👉How to navigate the technical side of creating and selling a digital product

👉How to find the people who NEED your pocket product™, even if you have zero ads budget or following

…Complete with all the tech tutorials and templates you need to make this fast and easy for you!


Creating products, programs, and services that you already know will sell like hotcakes because your audience specifically asked for them...

And growing your audience... while simultaneously growing your revenue...

That’s what a pocket product™ did for my business.

That’s the difference between using a lead magnet to fill your list with freebie finders…

Versus selling a pocket product™ to fill your list with CUSTOMERS.

(In my case, it’s the multimillion dollar difference.)

Inside Pocket Products™, I’m going back to the beginnings of my online business.

I’m sharing with you strategies I’ve never shared in any of my other courses or programs.

And I’m sharing this stuff right now because I don’t want your business to simply survive…

I want it to thrive.

And it 100% can…

If you pivot for profit with Pocket Products™.

Try saying that five times fast.

Or... don’t.

Just join today. 😉

Grab Pocket Products™ today...

Now only $147!

Lock in this low price today. The price will be going up soon!

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Here's what you'll learn inside Pocket Products™:

How to come up with the perfect pocket product™—a super-simple digital product that your audience won’t be able to resist—using our "Magic W.A.N.D. Method" and positioning matrices. Just that acronym alone (and those matrices!) are worth the entire cost of Pocket Products™!

Most importantly, you don't need to come up with a pocket product idea first — we help you with ALL of that.

How to generate $1K (or more) in just 5 days (or less) with your pocket product™ as the "first rung on the ladder" into your business. Truly, your pocket product™ can be a gateway to everything else your business has to offer!

How to use Target®'s merchandising and sales psychology to sell your pocket product™ at an irresistible price and make it a no-brainer buy for your audience, even if you think your audience "isn't buying right now."

How to create your pocket product™—tech tutorials and templates included to make this digital product a reality. No fancy tech skills needed! We've got you covered with all the digital know-how you need.

How to launch your pocket product™ successfully and reach your ideal customers—even if you have zero list and zero budget for adspend. No audience? No problem!

How to develop a super-simple sales funnel so you capture as many leads and sales as quickly as possible. Are you funnel-averse? Good! You definitely need Pocket Products™ then!

How to leverage the leads you get through your pocket product™ to grow your revenue through your other products and services. After all, with your pocket product™, you're able to create a gateway for something I call self-paying lead generation. Basically, you get paid to grow your audience—Yes, please!

And did I mention that you can launch your pocket product in less than a week?

Yep. This formula is fast.

Quick cash? Check.

Audience growth? Check.

Sustainable stream of income? Check.

And a proven formula to make it happen in 5 days or less? Checkety check check.

You don’t need tons of time to make this happen.

Actually, “tons of time” is kind of the antithesis of this whole thing.

The name of the game with Pocket Products™ is speed and simplicity.

And of course, sales.

Because of that, I’ve laid out this quick workshop so you have an easy-to-implement assignment each day, five days in a row (though you could binge-watch the whole thing in a day, and that's fine, too!).

So, even if you only have a couple of hours in the evening after the kids go to bed…

Or a couple of hours here and there while you’re trying to run the rest of your business…

(Or both…)

You can make your pocket product™ and make sales. Fast.

Grab Pocket Products™ today...

Now only $147!

Lock in this low price today. The price will be going up soon!

Who is Pocket Products™ for?

Pocket Products™ is right for any—yes, any—type of business.

Whether you’re a brick-and-mortar or online business and whether you sell products or services, Pocket Products™ is for you.

Coaches & Consultants

Creating and selling a pocket product™ can be a powerful way to generate leads (and sales) for your programs and services, without any need for a marketing budget.

In fact, you can get paid to get leads with a pocket product™ and in the process, generate better quality leads for your top-notch services and programs.

What’s not to love?

Course Creators

By “priming the pump” with a smaller, lower-priced product, you’ll get a lead who’s far more likely (and excited) to want to buy your bigger, higher-priced course in the future.

And with the 4-minute Funnel bonus, you can actually upgrade a one-time sale and turn them into a long-time student in just a few minutes. Truly, pocket products™ can seriously increase the lifetime value of your customers.

Business Owners:

Regardless of what you sell and where you sell it, your products and services solve problems.

So can a pocket product™.

In fact, your pocket products™ can be a great way to reach new customers and get more foot traffic to your location, more visitors to your website, and more clients booking your services by building know-like-trust with a pocket product™ first.

Just because the world is social distancing doesn’t mean you should stop solving the problems of your customers.

But… it might mean you solve them differently.

In a different container… in a different capacity… or even in a different order.

The pocket product™ allows you to create a gateway into your business so you can continue helping your customers and would-be customers, regardless of what’s happening in your business, your community, or even the world.

"Wait... but brick-and-mortar businesses can use Pocket Products™, too?"


Yep! That’s what I said up above—and I meant it!

Pocket Products™ are GREAT for brick-and-mortar businesses.

The real question is why wouldn’t a brick-and-mortar create pocket products™?

I mean, who wants profit-and-loss…

When you can be profit-and-boss?! 😉

(I couldn’t resist.)

What you get when you grab your copy of Pocket Products™:
5-Day Gameplan...

...to get your pocket product™ launched fast without skipping any important steps.

Sales Page Template...
...to create a high-converting sales page that converts browsers into buyers.
The Diamond Rule...
...my proprietary system for crafting an irresistible offer.
4-Phase Launch Process...
...to get your pocket product™ sold, even if you have no audience or ads budget.
Launch Checklist
...to take the guesswork out of the pocket product™ creation and launch process.
Tech Tutorials...
...to help you create any type of pocket product™, whether a PDF, video training, e-book, spreadsheet, etc.

“Holy cow, that’s a ton of stuff for just… $147? For real?!”

Yup. The Pocket Products™ workshop is worth ten or even twenty times what I’m charging.

After all, it’ll help you make way more than that—in the short-term and long-term.

BUT my goal here was to make this a no-brainer price for you, whoever you are, wherever you are, because I know business owners need this strategy NOW.

I don’t want you to make your pocket product™ someday… I want you to get started TODAY.

So I’ve priced it so you don’t have to hem and haw… you can just grab it and go!

“Wait… when you say “Pocket Products™”, do you mean, like, physical products?”

Nope! Better than that.

A pocket product™ is a tiny digital product with next to no overhead than you can make it next to no time with next to no technical skills.

(Actually, you don’t need any technical skills.)

We’ve got you covered there with tech tutorials and templates to make this easy-peasy.

Best of all, we show you how to sell your pocket products™ through simple tech solutions so you don’t need to be available 24/7 to serve your customers.

Technically, you don’t need to be available at all.

This isn't about helping you create complex funnels or a long-term, long-game strategy.


I'm not here to teach you that stuff right now. (We can get to that later.)

Instead, my goal is simple:

I want you to grow your audience and make a lot of money in very little time—in the way I know best:

Pocket Products™

“Ok, but will this benefit my unique unicorn of a business? I need some examples!”

Short answer:

Yep. More than likely! You may be unique, but your business model probably isn’t, and above all, as long as you sell stuff—products or services—the concepts behind Pocket Products™ still apply.

Longer answer:

Here are some examples of pocket products™ I've seen out in the wild, things like…

...gear guides from (and for) videographers and photographers…

...packing lists and hiking guides from brick-and-mortar, outdoor recreation retailers…

...content templates from social media managers…

...video trainings from Instagram influencers on selfie photography…

...potty training schedules and charts from parenting experts…

...ebooks on essential oils from MLM representatives…

...diet plans and exercises from personal trainers and gyms…

...audio trainings of meditations and affirmations from life coaches…

...short-term Bible studies from churches and pastors…

...tutorials from hair and nail salons on specific styles or designs...

...quickie courses from online business experts on creating pocket products™…

(That last example was me. And this. #SoMeta)

But—AND THIS IS IMPORTANT—this isn't just any digital product...

This strategy is specific.

This isn’t about just any digital product at any low price.

This isn’t random.

This isn’t about luck.

It’s better than that.

The Pocket Products™ framework shows you exactly what it takes to:

  • Create an irresistible offer in the form of a tiny digital product
  • Price it to make it an easy and obvious YES for both warm and cold audiences
  • Launch it profitably, whether you have a big audience or no audience
  • Sell it fast, so your leads go from cold to sold™ in mere minutes
  • Leverage your pocket product™ (later) to grow your business as a whole (meaning ALL of your products and/or services)

I’ve packaged up all of this into a quick workshop and 5-day framework that you can complete and implement in (you guessed it) 5 days—or less.

And I’ve taken my own advice here:

I’ve put this at a no-brainer price so you don’t have to ride the fence for days or even hours.

Why? Because I don’t want you to delay creating your pocket product™ for days or even hours.

Your business needed this like, yesterday.

But... today will do just fine. 😉

Lock in this low price today. The price will be going up soon!

Grab Pocket Products™ today...

Now only $147!

"Why the urgency, Courtney?"

Here’s the thing:

Things are not “business as usual.”

This is a highly unusual time.

Even with things slowly starting to open up, it's going to be a while before things return to any semblance of "normal."

No one alive today has gone through what we’re all going through right now, and no business owner has the monopoly on how to perfectly handle this uncertain situation.

BUT here are a few things that are certain:

People are still buying.

People still need you (and your products and services).

People still have the same problems they had before the pandemic. Those problems still need solutions, i.e., your products and services.

And while your current products and services don’t need to go anywhere…

You may feel compelled to pivot and provide a simpler solution so your business can survive—and even thrive—in this unusual time.

And if that’s where you are, I want to help you.

Your pocket product™ can be in addition to—or instead of—your usual products and services.

You don’t need to ditch your current business model.

And you certainly don’t need to stop selling.

After all, buying and selling is what makes our economy go ‘round.

Wall Street isn’t the economy.

WE are the economy.

And it only works when money keeps circulating.

So, why not create a pocket product™ that keeps that cycle going?

A small and simple digital product that your audience literally won’t be able to resist at a no-brainer price point…

(...If you use my proven framework…)

That you can later leverage to grow every other aspect of your business?

That’s exactly what we’re doing inside Pocket Products™.

Curious? Ready to get started? Or at least ready for the next steps?

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Grab your digital copy of Pocket Products™ here.


Check your inbox for your login info so you can jump in and get started today!


Follow the 5-day framework to create your pocket product™ fast.


Launch it to the world using our super-simple launch strategy.

Grab Pocket Products™ today...

Now only $147!

Grab it at this low price today! The price will be going up soon!

You don’t need an audience, an ads budget, or fancy tech skills to make this happen.

You just need The Pocket Products™ Formula.

We’ll help you come up with an idea, design your digital product, turn it into an offer, price it for profit, and sell it like hotcakes.

In 5 days or less.

Your business needs this. Nay, your business deserves this.

(Ok, it needs it, too.)

You’re ready to add a simple stream of income to your life.

(After all, the average millionaire has seven streams of income... so get on it! 😉)

You are more than ready to add a simple and sustainable stream of revenue to your business.

You’re over your business having to depend on its current products and services… and you suspect the time to pivot is now.

If you’re ready to pivot for profit…

You’re ready for Pocket Products™

What they're saying about Pocket Products™

Want more testimonials? Click here to read our beloved Wall o' Wins!

FAQs About Pocket Products™

What if I'm not tech-savvy?

Great! You don't need to be. We've got all of the tech tutorials and templates to make this easy for you, and better yet, fast for you. By the end of this short program, you'll have a digital product, a simple sales funnel, and an easy way to sell it—even when you're asleep. #SleepSales

Also, don't worry about what tech you do or don't need for this. We walk through all of that and give you free, simple options for everything!

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What if I'm already too busy with kids at home full-time and barely have a free hour in my day to do anything?!

As a toddler mom, I feel you. I’m all about that naptime hustle.

But you don't need hours upon hours to put this together. The Pocket Products™ program is a 5-day framework for easy implementation, even if you only have a couple of hours in the evening after the kids go to bed. You got this!

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Can I buy this, try this, then ask for a refund?

Due to the digital nature of Pocket Products™—and the fact that you could consume it in just a few, short hours—we do not offer refunds.

But you don't have to cross your fingers and hope! Check out the testimonials above, and for more testimonials, visit this page here: our beloved Wall o' Wins.

The reality? Once you complete and implement Pocket Products™ (and make your own pocket product™), you’ll be thinking of a different r-word: Referral. 😉 #nailedit

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Will Pocket Products™ help me create a physical product?

Nope! Better than that. A pocket product™ is a tiny digital product with next to no overhead that you can make in next to no time with next to no technical skills.

Needing some examples? Click here to read my examples above.

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When does this start? When do I get access to everything?

It starts as soon as you join! This is a self-paced, instant access, quickie workshop, so all you have to do is sign up and you’ll get everything delivered straight to your inbox.

So you can start today! Or tomorrow! Or next week! Or next year! (Though my vote is for starting sooner rather than later!)

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What if I have zero audience and zero budget?

Totally fine! You don't need those things to have success with this strategy. Truly. I made $10K in about two days with my first pocket product™, and I had zero list, zero audience of any kind, and zero budget for ads. You don't need those things to get started.

You just need to... start! 

(And of course, join Pocket Products™...here.)

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How do I join the Pocket Products™ program?

A good question with an easy answer: Click here to join Pocket Products™ today!

This workshop is 5 years in the making…

But it’ll only take you 5 seconds to join and about 5 days to implement!

Create your Pocket Product™ today and give your business the quick cash injection—and the sustainable stream of revenue—it needs.

Grab Pocket Products™ today...

Now only $147

Lock in this low price today. The price will be going up soon!

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