How to Gain Momentum in Business: A Tale of Hopper, the Ramcharger

How to Gain Momentum in Business

Alternately, A Tale of Hopper, the Dodge Ramcharger

(This is about how to gain momentum in business, why you need it, and what an old truck can teach us about allll of that.)

Ah, the ‘87 Dodge Ramcharger.

Not the sexiest of cars.

Not the most luxurious of cars.

But for my husband, driving it puts him in a constant state of heart eyes. 

What does this have to do with online courses? Stick around. 😉

how to gain momentum - what my husband's truck taught me about business

So, as we stated before, my husband ADORES this truck.

And for good reason:

The ‘87 Dodge Ramcharger is a rare but beloved car (for the few who have one).

It sounds like a dinosaur from Jurassic Park when it’s running.

It’s like a glorified sardine can on wheels (if that’s a thing).

Heck, Chuck Norris drove one. 

(Need I say more?)

For what the Ramcharger lacks in beauty, it makes up for in nostalgia.

(Aaaaand gas-guzzling, rumbly loudness.)

And as much as my husband loves driving it, I think he miiight love talking about it even more.

(Imagine his sheer joy when I told him this morning “I’m going to write an e-mail about your Ramcharger.”)

But here’s the deal with Hopper (that’s the Ramcharger’s name — also a Stranger Things reference):

Before he was helping my husband live his best 80s truck LYFE, he sat, un-driven, falling into disrepair for years.

And years.

One day, he was being driven around, functioning beautifully (or as beautifully as an 80s truck can)…

Then one day, he was parked. And stayed parked.

And what happens to cars that are parked for a long time?

(Hint: The answer isn’t “They run great, they just need a key in the ignition!”)

The gas and oil goes bad.

The battery dies.

The tires dry-rot.

The rubber gaskets dry out and become useless.

And it’s really a domino effect from there.

It’s like Newton’s first law:

“…An object in motion stays in motion…”

But the longer a car stays not in motion, the more likely that car will have issues when you do decide to drive it in the future.

Such was the case with Hopper, the Ramcharger.

By the time my husband became the owner, the car had been parked for so long, it couldn’t even start, much less get down the street.

And as you’d imagine, it took a lot of time, energy, and money to get the car running once more.

And of course, the person who parked that car years before didn’t do it with the intent of letting the car fall into disrepair. Not at all. 


It was simply parked one day, it stayed parked, and the domino effect happened from there. 


Gradually. Over time. 

Here’s where you might be thinking “Why am I still reading an email about Courtney’s husband’s truck?”

Stay with me. This is 100% about online courses. 😉


You create an online course, you launch that online course, and maybe it’s a smash success… or maybe it’s a learning experience. 

Either way, you get back on the online course horse, and you re-launch it in the future. 

But here’s the thing (and here’s why we talked about 80s trucks for way too long):


What happens in between launches is as important as what happens during launches. 


If not more so. 

Essentially, you can do one of three things in between launches:

You can be losing momentum, maintaining momentum, or gaining momentum

Meaning, you can ghost your list, fade away into obscurity once more, and lose a lot of what you’ve built up in a launch.

(I’m going to vote no on that one.)

I’m all about how to gain momentum in business.

I don’t want to lose momentum.

Or you can keep things moving, nurture your audience, and continually remind them that you’ve got a solution for them… When you do re-launch again. 

OR you can do something even more exciting:

You can gain momentum.

Grow your audience.

Increase your traffic.

Fully establish yourself as the go-to expert in your course topic.

And when you do go to launch again, you’ll do so with a line already formed.

You won’t need to (figuratively) replace your tires, change your fluids, or get a new battery (yes, I revisited the truck analogy again).

You won’t even need to “pick up where you left off.”


Because you’ll stay in motion, you’ll gain momentum for your business, and you’ll see more growth in between launches than you even saw in your previous launch. 


Of course, all of that sounds way better than the alternatives, but what do you do for the in-between?

What do you do to not just maintain momentum but GAIN momentum?

That’s the kind of stuff that makes the difference in sustainable success versus short-term or one-time success.

And that’s the stuff we address in Launchpad, my coaching program for serious course creators. 

If you want to create and launch an online course and you’ve got your sights set on 6- or 7-figure success, it’s not just about creating and launching your course…

But about re-launching… and everything you do in between. It’s about not losing momentum.

And we help you with all of that.


So, if you’ve got an online course, don’t park it.

And if you don’t know how to “keep it in motion”… 

If you don’t know how to gain momentum in business…

If you don’t even know where to begin with the course creation part  — not to mention the launching and relaunching part — it’s time to seriously consider Launchpad.

Stop what you’re doing, click here, and go ahead and apply today.

We want to help you seriously scale your income and impact with your online course.

Whether your course is an ‘87 Dodge Ramcharger…

Or a ‘56 Corvette convertible…

Or heck, just a sensible, cheerio-riddled minivan…

Whatever. 😉

We’ll help you out.

Click here to apply.

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