How to Come up with an Idea for an Online Course

By 2025, online courses will be a $325 billion industry. 


That’s billion. Not million. 


And with this growing industry, we’re starting to see more and more businesses scale in the direction of online courses. 


It’s no longer just colleges and universities and business owners teaching online courses; there are online courses out there on everything from essential oils to dog training, jewelry making to home-making. And everything in between.


So, it’s safe to say that online courses are not a fad.


(Like pogs. Remember those?)


Online courses don’t seem to be going anywhere, and the industry is growing rapidly. So it’s not if you should create an online course but, rather, what should your online course be about, amirite?


If you’re not sure where to get started with coming up with a course idea, then this video is for you. 


Hint: Your profitable online course idea can be even simpler than you’d expect. It’s probably right under your nose, and in this video, I’ll help you figure it out.

Your turn:


What were your biggest takeaways from the video? Have you figured out your course idea? If so, share below. We want to hear!



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