Creating an online course means you’re doing far more than just teaching; there’s technology and tools and so many digital things – it is an online course after all – so it can definitely get overwhelming.

Course outlines, sales pages, e-mails, workbooks, student forms, webinar slides — it’s a ton of stuff, and it all needs organizing. And when I talk to my newer students inside The Course Course, one of the main obstacles to launching their course isn’t necessarily having that one great idea; it’s having a way to organize all of the things in their head so they can even create their course in the first place. 

Enter: G Suite. Dearest, darling G Suite.

G Suite truly is one of my go-to tools for creating online courses and organizing alllllll the stuff that goes with it. Best of all, it’s completely free.

I’m constantly complimented for being able to produce new courses and products quickly, and so much of the credit goes to what I’m able to do with G Suite. So, rather than keep all that goodness to myself, I’m sharing it in today’s post!

I also made a video to show you what this actually looks like behind the scenes, so if you want to see this stuff happen in action, watch the video right here.  


How to Create Online Courses Using G Suite


I believe really strongly that if creating an online course is an expensive, complicated endeavor, then people are less likely to do it. So my goal is always to simplify things, to keep your initial investments minimal, and to help you see success with your online course faster. This is exactly what we’re all about in my programs.

So, that’s why I am sharing with you one of my go-to tools for creating online courses: G Suite. If you are already a G Suite user but you don’t know about the power it has when it comes to creating online courses, then keep reading!

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If you don’t already use G Suite, the short version is: it’s a suite – a collection – of free Google products that have been developed specifically for businesses and organizations.

For starters, G Suite has Google Docs which is like a Microsoft Word or Word Perfect alternative. Then there’s Google Sheets which is like an Excel alternative.

G Suite also has a form builder that can be embedded on websites or sent as a webpage. (If you’ve ever taken a survey of mine or filled out any forms that I’ve emailed you, you know those were usually through Google forms!)

There’s also Google slides which is a fantastic free alternative to PowerPoint or Keynote, and one of the biggest G Suite products that integrates many of the other products is Google Drive, which is cloud-based storage.

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Now, I’ve always used G Suite from the very beginning with all of my businesses, but I have found it especially valuable for developing my online courses.

And in the process, I’ve stumbled across even more little tricks and shortcuts with G Suite to make course creation and all of the organization and planning that goes with it far easier.

So, I’m going to jump to screen share in the video below and walk through a few of those features.



Perhaps one of my favorite parts of all with these different G Suite products is that there are mobile apps for most of them. So for example, I can start a draft for an email or a Facebook ad that I might want to write to promote my course and begin working on it on my computer, then I can step away and pull up that same draft on my phone and maybe later I can pull it up on yet another mobile device. Magic!

Everything automatically syncs up and updates in real time, so I don’t have to worry about the app version not being as up-to-date as the web-based version or vice versa.

And I don’t know if you’re anything like me, but when I’m creating something, creating new courses, writing emails, drafting ad copy, I don’t necessarily want to sit in front of a computer for eight hours, trying to figure that out. I like to get up on my feet and move, so being able to still work on my course, on the go is everything.

{Pssst…  If you’re still struggling to choose an idea for a course, I’ve got two things to help you out: This post about how to come up with an idea and this post if you feel you have too many ideas and not enough clarity.}


If you have not yet explored G Suite, check it out!


An all-in-one, free product that helps me develop my course ideas, organize my lessons and modules and emails and ads and slides all in one place on the go? Yes please! It’s pretty darn powerful (and convenient), so definitely check it out if you are in the process of creating an online course.

And if you are in the process of creating an online course or revamping an old one, I’ve got some other free resources available for you as well!

For starters, be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel by clicking here. I have playlists available, covering everything from creating a course to launching a course (with a little marketing strategy and mindset magic in there as well). 

And if you’re serious about creating your course soon, then definitely don’t miss my free training here. It’s a peek inside the playbook of a multimillion dollar online course company (mine!) and a great place to start if you’re wanting to create and launch your course soon!

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