Heyyyy online course creators, let’s talk about a truly delightful idea that can directly result from launching online courses: NETFLIX TUESDAYS.

So just to clarify, I don’t only watch Netflix on Tuesdays…and I do more on Tuesday than just watch Netflix… but that’s not what this is about. 

You don’t have to watch Netflix ever, and you certainly don’t have to watch it on Tuesdays, but online courses could let you do both of those things. 

(Or whatever your version is of those things.)

Hulu Mondays? HBO Thursdays? Watching this video on Youtube?

Ok, but seriously. Lunch dates, coffee dates, anytime dates. Impromptu trips to the mall, to the beach, to the [insert your favorite place].

Unplanned excursions to the playground with your kids, trips to the park with your dogs, or picnics with your significant other (or whoever is deserving of a picnic with you). 😉 

Or… maybe more time and more flexibility for you means finally having the chance to build that other business. Create that blog. Open a new location. Host that retreat. Plan that event. Finally start that damn podcast you’ve been planning for the last few months/years/forever. You get the idea.

Don’t get me wrong: Creating an online course is a big project. It requires time and energy and bandwidth and sometimes even money.

But once you create it, it’s created.


Once you move away from the one-to-one model and into the one-to-many model with online courses, you have the flexibility to set your own schedule, on your own terms.


You have location independence to go where you want to go when you want to go there.


And above all, you have the peace of mind to be able to do those things because you have added an asset to your business that can grow your business – even when you aren’t actively working on your business. The beauty of online courses!

That is, of course, if you create your online course. And launch it. And in turn, share it with those who need it the most.

You can’t get any of those wonderful things if you keep it all to yourself.

But, that’s fair though… right?

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Your turn:

What’s your version of Netflix Tuesdays? 

Success is personal and looks different for everyone, so what’s your version of success look like? How could online courses bring this to your business and your life? Share below!

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