Still putting ‘creating a course’ on the back burner of your business? Let’s call this one Reason #278 Why You just Need to Create Your Course Already: 

Becoming THE GO-TO.

creating a course makes you a go-to expert

An interesting thing happens when creating a course: 

Before, you may have been hidden away with all of your genius, your talent, your skills, your system, method, model,  framework, whatever. Before, you knew you have something to offer, and maybe a small circle of people around you know have something to offer, but for the most part, you’re living in obscurity. 

After creating a course, there’s no hiding. Inevitably, you become the go-to.

I would say it’s magic, but really, it’s about momentum. 

Which is magic in and of itself. 


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Simply by showing up and packaging up what you know and what you’ve created, and putting it in course form, you assert yourself as an authority– as an expert. And people take notice.

And people talk.

Then, an even more interesting thing happens:

Your course become synonymous with you and your brand. It becomes a platform.

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The most successful course creators I know (myself included) – those who share their course fully and unapologetically, Those who impacts thousands of lives and make millions of dollars  – they leverage their courses and go on to create other programs… or launch podcasts, write books, host events, create global brands, and so much more. 

And all of that success isn’t reserved for some special group of people with a special type of magic. 

It’s for anyone who puts themselves out there, create their course, and more importantly, launches their course. 

Information is useless if it isn’t available to people for implementation. Creating a course is nothing unless it has students. And you’re not making an impact with your course until you’re getting your course idea out of your head and into the world. 

But when you do that, and when you do it fully and unapologetically, people take notice. And you become the go-to.

And when that happens with creating a course, the sky’s the limit.

creating a course will make this happen

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