3 Silly Hacks (That Keep Me Seriously Focused)

Struggle staying focused? If you need an extra dose of productivity, then today’s video (and the three silly hacks I’m sharing with you) will give you the boost you need to get more done — with less distractions.


As a business owner, I don’t just juggle tasks, to do lists, and other responsibilities; I have a life outside of business as well. 


And some days, it’s not just about how much I’ll get done and how much time it’ll take:


Anxiety and depression are a very real part of my life, so sometimes, even though I may have enough time to do something in my business, I may be lacking something else all together: WILLPOWER.


When willpower is low and focus is all over the place, I rely on three silly hacks (the same ones I’m sharing in this video), to get more done.


Best of all? One of these hacks can be automated so you don’t have to worry about making time to implement it.


Watch the video below and learn about my how I stay focused, keep my willpower up, and use super simple automations and tech to keep me on task — even on days when work is the last thing I want to do. 


(You don’t need any tech skills to implement what I’m going to share with you!)

Your turn:


Share your takeaways below! Will you be implementing any of these hacks into your routine?


I’m here to help you build, grow, and scale your business.

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