Hi, I'm Courtney.

Wanna leverage your expertise, create and launch a profitable online course, scale it using state-of-the-art marketing strategies, all while growing your business’ income and impact so you can make sales in your sleep and (finally) live the life you want to live

Oh GOOD. That’s my specialty.


You’ve got great ideas.

I’ve got great strategies.

Let’s work together to turn those ideas into magic*.

(*Magic, meaning more money, more impact, more freedom, more times when you get to say:

“Yes, I would like to add avocado for an extra $2, thank you!”)

Ready to get started?

We work with business from ALL niches and industries.

The common thread? Our clients want to scale their income and impact through online courses so they can stop swapping hours for dollars and run their business on their terms.

But… we do things a little differently around here.

We bypass the slow-growth strategies like blogging, lead magnets, and daily social media posting. They’re GREAT for established businesses, but they shouldn’t come first.

Instead, I teach the fast-track to greater income and impact, then we grow and go from there.

Our proprietary 3-step process looks a little something like this:

Start with a pocket product®.

Create and launch your signature course.

Scale your course–and business–through #SleepSales.

Let’s break it down:

Step 1.

Create your Pocket Product®.

With the Pocket Products® workshop, we help you create and sell a bite-sized offer that’s both accessible and irresistible to your audience, while allowing you to grow both your list and your revenue at the same time. #WinWinWin #Winfinity

This means you become profitable in your first week implementing our process, and you build a list full of customers — not freebie-finders — who can’t wait for your next offer.

Best of all, you get to test drive part of your (future) course content on a small scale before you put into a signature course on the big scale.

Grab your copy of the Pocket Products® workshop bundle and launch your Pocket Product® next week!

Step 2.

Create and launch your signature course.

After you get started with a pocket product™, you’re ready — and so is your audience — for your signature course, and we help you make it happen in four weeks or less inside our acclaimed program, The Course Course.

Inside, you’ll develop a course that delights your students, and you’ll launch your course into the world and sell it to those who need it the most, whether you already have an established audience or not.

While The Course Course is currently closed to the public, you can watch our free class, then get an invitation to join at the button below.

Step 3.

Scale your course.

Enter: Evergreen Guild — our curated coaching program for course creators who are ready to not just have a profitable stream of income, but a profitable, sustainable course business.

In The Course Course, we support through a successful beta launch of your signature course. In Evergreen Guild, we move beyond the beta and into the kind of exponential growth you only see with online courses.

In fancy terms: We help you scale your online course into an automated, evergreen ecosystem that addresses all seven purchase profiles so you have a higher ROI, ACV, ATV, and LTV. Yay!

In plain terms: We’re talkin’ #SleepSales.

We’ll help you create an evergreen sales machine so you can sell your course everyday, anyday, anytime — even when you’re asleep.

Evergreen Guild is the complete collection of our premium courses and programs along with daily high-touch support and coaching. Ready to get started?


Actor by trade.

Entrepreneur by accident.

Multimillion dollar course creator (on purpose).

I stumbled into entrepreneurship by accident — both figuratively and literally:

I built my first business while bedridden (and bored) from a dance injury — yes, dance injury — I got while on set for a TV show.

When I made it worse the next week while teaching a dance class, I suddenly found myself stuck in bed while I recovered for the better part of three months.

Have you ever had the metaphorical rug pulled out from under you? Yeah, it was one of those moments.

Randomly, I fell down a Google rabbit hole one day and learned all about the new and exciting world of monetized blogging and digital marketing.

From there, I launched my first business: a monetized blog.

Then I went on to build two more wildly successful (and wildly different) businesses in the next three years.

Things took off fast, and people noticed.

Soon, I realized I had more “Can I pick your brain?” requests from other business owners than I knew what to do with, so I started coaching and teaching the marketing strategies I’d developed and used in all of my businesses.

Aaaaand when I realized I was repeating myself, client after client, I ditched the 1:1 model, compiled everything I knew into online courses and products, and started impacting even more people while working way less.

In 2018, I made one more pivot:

I started teaching overworked entrepreneurs how to scale their expertise through online courses — just like I’d done — so they could finally stop swapping hours for dollars and run their businesses — and their lives — on their terms.

I grew my business to seven figures in my first 18 months in business, and I’m proud to share that we’ve only just begun.

Today, I serve thousands of business owners in dozens of countries all over the world.

Best of all, I love the daily love notes we get from students telling us how they’ve been able to have more freedom, more income, and more impact with their newly imagined businesses.

But don’t take my word for it…

Ready to inject $1k (or more) into your business in 5 days (or less)?

The Pocket Products® formula works for any type of business—brick-and-mortar or online, products-based or service-based, coaches or consultants, local or global.

Follow me on Instagram for the behind-the-scenes and the everything-in-betweens: @courtney.and.co