Want to learn how to design scroll-stopping graphics that get your followers clicking and converting?

Want to learn the effective strategies for choosing fonts, colors, and design elements that captivate potential clients?

Want to create a stunning visual brand that aligns with your own mission and appeals to your target audience?

Answer: Of course you do! (Obvs.)

This course makes all of that happen – and so much more.

No fancy Photoshop skills.

No extra hidden expenses.

No technical know-how needed.

Promise. Unicorn’s Honor.



In 10 video lessons, I show you how to craft a purpose-powered visual brand, and I teach the following:

How to choose font pairings that keep website visitors reading and wanting more.

How to choose colors that balance each other and appeal to your target audience.

How to leverage a few key design principles even if you think you don’t have innate design savvy.

How to develop and design a logo that visually represents the summation of your brand.

How to create graphics that stand out in a newsfeed by using totally free and easy-to-use design resources.

How to find free images and photography to elevate your visual brand.

How to outsource design when DIY just isn’t cutting it. (It’s OK. I’ll hold your hand, but you need this foundation before you hire out.)

This course is pre-recorded and self-paced so you may do it in your own time, in your own way.

Your purchase grants you lifetime access to the course along with any updates I make to it in the future so as long as there is Internet, this course will be sticking around!

You also gain access to my Facebook group for entrepreneurs, The Lemonade Stand Society™ where you’re free to pick my brain, get feedback, or simply enjoy the fellowship of other entrepreneurs.

It’s time to get going on crafting a visual brand that honors your mission and elevates your business.

Grab Visual Branding Basics Today!

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