“Your courses have single-handedly changed the way I do business.”

-Penny Lawler

Learning online can be amazing – and overwhelming.

I’ll help you cut through the confusion and bring you clarity.

My promise to you:

To never create courses full of fluff and theory.

To always show what to do and how to do it.

To only teach what I’ve done myself — and done well.

To make learning tech stuff un-boring + creative stuff un-elusive.

To never stop learning right along with you.

The ultimate monthly business membership: Group coaching, inbox accountability, biz book club, private group, and quarterly strategy sessions are just a few of the perks!

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Why do I need a list? how do I grow a list? And what do I do with a list once I have one? This course will glad you throw that process and help you leverage the marketing effort with the greatest ROI.

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My signature program is the Facebook course that covers it all: Facebook ads, groups, Live, insights, pages, marketing… in short, Facebook Everything.

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One of my biggest FAQs: “How do you make your videos?” The short answer: This course! Everything from pre-production to production to post-production — I’ve got you covered.

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The name says it all. No gimmicks. No nonsense. No tech hurdles. It just works! (And you’ve really got to read the testimonials for this one.)

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Create multimedia live-streaming experiences — all from the comfort of your computer and your Facebook newsfeed.

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Course creators, coaches, consultants, teachers, and trainers: This one’s for you! Learn the same funnel I used to generate $1 million in 18 months. Won’t hurt one bit.

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I paid $2000 for a marketing course that didn’t teach real marketing techniques, and then another $1500 for a course with a little one-on-one consulting, but again, not what I hoped for. I vowed never to do another online course, but here I am. I am so glad.

I’m pretty well versed in paid social on a lot of different platforms at this point in my journey, but the way you teach, the order in which you organize the lessons, the way you form a strong foundation and expand on it, is literally perfection

My strategy is stronger, and I’m much more confident.

-Heather Sandesh

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