This was never meant to be a business.

It was just going to be a blog.

I toyed with the idea in December 2015. When a sudden family tragedy happened in January 2016, that took my focus away for a few months. 

When I got back to it in May 2016, I still had this cute thought that it would just be a blog.

I decided that I would explore the illusion of work/life balance (because it is an illusion, my friends). 

I would call it The Art of Grit + Grace because few titles could be truer of nearly everything that has happened in my life. Especially in the last year.

I would talk about how I went from being a monetized blogger to a three-business entrepreneur. 

I would share my adventures after having lived in New York for a couple of years and then moving back to Atlanta – by choice.

I would sometimes talk about home design and DIY – the two things I can nerd out about the most (after musical theatre and Facebook marketing).

And I would probably share way too many pictures of my three dogs. (Yes, I am that kind of person. A person who has three dogs.)

Here’s one of them: Linus, the Wonder Pittie

Because my business stuff dominated most of my time, it also dominated much of my blog content in the beginning.

And somewhere along the way, I happened to say a few smart things that resonated with a few smart people. 

And so I started doing consulting. 

And I discovered something funny: 

No matter what type of business owner I was talking to, I found myself saying the same things over and over again.

In general, everyone needed more clarity with their messaging, branding, and marketing strategy.

Since I was repeating myself so often, consultations turned into online courses.

And online courses turned into an online business.

And while it was no accident – it was actually quite strategic – my blog turned into a business of BuzzFeed headline proportions: 

“6 figures in 6 months.” 

“How This Starving Artist Built an Empire in Less Than Two Years on Zero Budget.”

“This Girl Accidentally Created 4 Successful Businesses – You Won’t Believe What She Does at 3:45.”

(It’s OK. I rolled my eyes right along with you.)

So all of this to say, while the phrase “overnight success” certainly doesn’t apply, things have definitely happened more swiftly than expected.

And what my business is now has far outgrown the brand I first established a few months ago.

I’m all about practicing what I preach, but as the saying goes, the cobbler’s children always have holes in their shoes. (Or something like that.)

So I’m making some changes.

If you’ve been following my adventures on Facebook, you know that I recently simplified my brand name from The Art of Grit + Grace to just my own name, Courtney Foster-Donahue.

I thought I could just casually change it and no big deal, but I was surprised when I received quite a few messages from folks who were concerned I was quitting my business or moving on to new things.

So first off, I’m not doing either. Everything will stay the same despite the change in name. 

Or rather, it WON’T stay the same. It will only get better.

Because this is more than just a name change; I have big, zesty plans.

I want to shift more of my focus on truly being a resource to entrepreneurs – not just that place to go to get that course about that thing.

Essentially, I want to create what I wish I’d had when I first got started.

This means lots and lots of slightly mysterious (for now) things, but it starts with a name change and a new website.

(You guys, have you seen this thing?!)

But that also means continuing what I’m already doing in my free community, The Lemonade Stand Society™. (If you’re not a member, Imma need you to click on that link and join real fast.)

I’m so excited, it feels like a never ending Christmas Eve over here. Minus the matching PJs.

So… no special wisdom nuggets, no call to action, no promotional something or other. I just wanted to give you a little insight into why I am doing what I’m doing and what I am looking forward to.

(And perhaps what you can look forward to.)

It’s gonna be GOOD.


Courtney Foster/Donahue

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