When you first began your business, I’m 99% sure you didn’t start a business with the hope that it would be an expensive hobby.

You did it so you could make money and help people in the process. Right?

BUT if you’re like a lot of business owners, you might struggle with how to get past the ick factor of selling.

So, how do you push through so it doesn’t feel slimy, sleazy — and all the other s– words?

Unpopular opinion: Selling can be FUN. (Yes, f-u-n.)

And I’m here to show you that selling isn’t just fun — it can actually be freeing!

And I 100% believe that the best way to serve your audience is to sell to them.

Don’t believe me? Then be double sure to check out this episode of The Courtney Show!

Maybe the very thing getting in the way of growing your business… is your mindset.

(We can fix that.) 😉

So, tell us:

How did you feel about selling before this episode (be honest!), and how do you feel about it now?

Share below!

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