DIY Video Basics

A course for crafting video content that captivates.

It’s no secret that I LOVE creating video content, and nothing has grown my businesses more quickly and more effectively.

But it’s also a ton of fun. 

That said, from the starting line of wanting to make more videos… all the way to the finish line of growing your business every time you hit upload — there’s often a lot of time, effort, and even money spent (and sometimes wasted).

With DIY Video Basics, I help you cut the learning curve (and stop wasting time and money) by showing you exactly how I make my videos for my businesses, and how you can do the same.

I share the whole structured process from start to finish, and one thing’s for sure: I don’t just hit record and hope for the best.

I break down my video process into 5 parts:

1. Pre-production

2. Preparation

3. Production

4. Post-production

5. Optimization

And if that just sounded like a lot of words ending in -ion, that’s ok.

It’s waaaay easier than it sounds.

All you need is iMovie and a video camera — and you’re probably good to go on the last one.

(Because nearly everyone has a video camera in their pocket or purse nowadays!)

DIY Video Basics demystifies all of the mumbo jumbo, and before long, your only excuse for not making more videos will be…

…that you were too busy counting your dolla dolla bills, yo!

But for real, nothing is more algorithm-friendly and nothing has the capacity to grow your following more dramatically.

Blogs and articles are great, tweets and Facebook posts and insta-whatevers can do wonders, but nothing closes the deal quite like video.

In an increasingly digital world, I believe we are starved now more than ever for any human connection, and while video is not a replacement for that, it certainly does make a difference.

And of course, nothing helps a brand build know, like, and trust more quickly than… you guessed it… VIDEO!

So how does a video course about videos work?

It’s all housed in a convenient membership site where you can work as you go and come back to it when you wish. You’ll have lifetime access to the lessons so you’ll always be able to refer back to them.

As software is updated, and as I discover new strategies and simplifications, I’ll update course content (for free!) so you are in the loop, regardless of when you invest in the course (which is obviously going to be today, yeah?).

Each of the 15 training videos walks you through my process using slideshow and screen-share videos, that way we’re not just talking about the what and the why, but the HOW TO as well.

If you’re ready to start creating unapologetically branded video content that reaches more of your ideal clients on a daily, even hourly basis, you needed DIY Video Basics like yesterday.

But… today will do just fine. 😉

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