You’ve spent months (maybe even years) crafting the perfect product, branding the bejesus out of your business, and optimizing every aspect of your customer’s experience, only to find yourself asking “Why isn’t my business doing better?”


You’re not alone- a lot of business owners buy into the “if you build it, they will come” mentality. The problem is, if no one knows about you, it doesn’t matter how amazing your products or services are… you might as well be selling to the ghosts of former baseball legends.

REAL TALK: Sometimes you build it… but they DON’T come.

So, what’s a business to do when baseball movie advice just doesn’t cut it?

(Hint: It never does.)

In this episode of The Courtney Show, we’re walking through exactly what to do to get your message, your mission, your products, and your services OUT there to the people who need them most.

And of course, we dig into the WHY behind why this is so, so important.

(Hint: It’s not *just* about profitability.)

In this video, we cover:

+ How to get over the fear of being salesy or self-promotional

+ Why marketing and publicity are your business’ best friend

+ Why your business and its customers are like a stage and an audience (and what this means for how you should be showing up for them)

⛔️ CAUTION: Massive mindset shift via stop motion magic may happen inside this episode. You’ve been warned.

P.S. This is one of our favorite all time episodes, so don’t miss it!

Your turn:

What’s been holding you back in your business? What’s one way you can change that starting now?

Share in the comments below!


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