Growing up in the theatre, I would often get to participate in a postmortem after the close of a production.

Slightly morbid name, but it’s what it sounds like: a chance to analyze, dissect, and reflect back on what worked, what didn’t work, what we’ll do again, and what we might try for the next time.

With my online business, I borrowed the same concept. At the close of each launch, after I have taken a few days off to get some distance, I will do a postmortem and break down every part of the launch, from the pre-launch (when I usually do a five day challenge) to the open cart, all the way to the 48 hours after the cart closes and I begin working with my students.

I never believe anything is “finished;” there’s always room for improvement, but there’s also always room for celebration as well. And I like to do a little bit of it all! 

In this webinar (below) that I hosted the week after my cart closed for FB Everything™, I unpacked a few of the things that I thought were especially significant this time around (and I share a few tools and resources as well!).

The short version: This was the most easy-going, most restful launch I have EVER had; Nary an all-nighter in sight. (I even had time for a few episodes of The Office.)

It was also the most lucrative launch I have ever had, and it was responsible for me nearly doubling my revenue in this quarter compared to last quarter.

Yeah. So like, I think I did something right.

I also tried a few new things with this launch: I went out of my way to make sure the customer service was more personalized than ever, I hosted my very first ever webinar, I completely re-built and re-branded my membership site, and I played with some new technology that I’m still getting questions and compliments about, even a week after cart closing.

For the full scoop (and all of the lovely resources), check out the video below!

Note: Fast forward to the 22 minute mark to get to the good stuff.


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