Hey guys!

Courtney talking here. No fancy lawyer speak.

This is the part where I tell you that some of the links on this website may indeed be affiliate links. 

The good news?

Every time you click on one of those links and make a purchase, I get a little commission. (Little being the operative word here.) The even better news? I am only an affiliate for products and services that I have used and that I absolutely LOVE. No lukewarm link-dropping here.

The bad news?

There is no bad news! I share links to things I love and if you feel the love too, and you make a purchase, then I get a little of that love back to me. It’s just love. Everywhere. It’s like Woodstock meets the World Wide Web.

Please note: I am not given free products or services from these companies as of this writing. Rather, I have purchased previously and now I endorse them. And they throw a few bucks my way as a thank you. A virtual tip jar, if you will.

ALSO if you see an affiliate link, please know that it is of no additional cost to you, the consumer. Ever. That’s not how this works. (In fact, the links I share are usually the biggest bang for your buck because I’m all about the Benjamins… especially when they stay in my wallet. Just call me the ginger penny pincher.)


Got questions? Feel free to fill out a contact form per the link in the footer and I’ll get back to you. (Unless it’s a mean e-mail. I don’t respond to those.)


Courtney Foster-Donahue

The Art of Grit + Grace, LLC  

P.S. Want to see affiliate links in action? Head over to my faves page and check out my favorite resources and tools for building, branding, and broadcasting your business. (You’ll also find plenty of examples over on my blog.)

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