Struggling to put your business out there? Maybe you’re an introvert, and self promotion feels like it goes against your very DNA? Then be sure to check out this video (below) — especially if you’re an introverted business owner.

In this video, I sit down with Selena Soo, publicity expert, self-proclaimed introvert, and multimillion dollar business owner.

And if you are an introvert, I get it — and Selena gets it (you’re in good company)! But this shouldn’t stop you from sharing your message, your mission, your products, or your services with those who need them the most.

Introverts can be wildly successful in business, and Selena is a great example of that.

In this interview, Selena unpacks a few key strategies you can start using today to spread awareness about your business, grow your audience, and get more customers — all in a way that honors your personality.

In this video, we talk about:

+How Selena overcame obstacle after obstacle to grow a multimillion dollar business.

+How she grew her business fast through networking, even as an introvert.

+How she quickly became the go-to media and publicity expert in the online business space

Needing a publicity pep talk? Then don’t miss this special interview.

So, tell us: Did Selena give you some ideas about how you could get more visibility in your business without the cringe-factor?

Tell us in the comments below!

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