Hi! I’m Courtney Foster-Donahue.

I’m a business and marketing strategist.

And hey, if you’ve landed here, that makes me your tour guide on the next stop of your entrepreneurial journey!

You’re in luck, because I’ve been there, done that, and have come back to tell you how.

I started four six-figure businesses in less than two years.

(And one of those businesses scaled to seven figures in its first eighteen months.) 

Now I teach other entrepreneurs the strategies I used to make that happen.

All the while having time for family, friends, and Netflix binge-fests. You know, all the life essentials.

I’ve created this little corner of the interwebz for two simple reasons:

To help you tell your story + sell your stuff.

The more eloquent version:

The programs, trainings, and courses I create all align with my 3-pronged approach to business.


Leveraging my own business experience, I help other entrepreneurs to build, grow, and even scale their businesses. I teach how to diversify your income streams, amp up your productivity, and streamline your processes so that the possible becomes probable.


I believe a purposeful brand is a profitable brand. By clarifying your message and presentation with everything — from fonts and colors to copywriting — I can help you create a brand that your followers can’t get enough of (and won’t stop talking about).


After building and branding, the next stop is to broadcast — to reach and grow your audience. I do so through a variety of ways, including SEO, advertising, e-mail marketing, funnels, and social media. I also rely on 20+ years as a professional actor to help entrepreneurs communicate clearly and confidently.

How does this work?

The short answer: Keep scrolling!

The long answer:

(Linus, my perfect pittie is just here to keep your attention. He can’t teach you a thing about business. He’s just a dog. But he does love you.)


I host a free community overflowing with some of the most talented, action-taking entrepreneurs out there, and we’d love to have you! It’s a mastermind-meets-nest-o’-comfort complete with frequent free trainings, weekly accountability, and daily awesome. Just visit the link below to receive your invitation!


After joining the group, I’ll be flinging freebies like moonpies at Mardi Gras, including content to help you build and broadcast your brand.

Oh! And keep your eyes peeled for the re-launch of my signature program, FB Everything™. (Doors only open a few times a year!)


I have six acclaimed courses and trainings to help you build, brand, and broadcast your business. Check them out! (And read the testimonials.)

Implementation not included. That’s on you. 

“There is so much information out there and it’s hard to know what’s fact, or even what’s important plus where to start, and you [Courtney] cut through to say ‘here’s exactly what you need to know and here’s how to do it’ in a very easy and entertaining way.”

-Amy Griswold

Why Facebook?

When it comes to social media platforms, Facebook is my first love (though I’m having a torrid love affair with Instagram).

Of all the platforms and strategies I’ve used, none have grown my businesses as quickly and effectively as Facebook. Facebook ads are my jam, but I love good ol’ fashioned organic content as well.

I love Facebook pages, ads, groups, insights, live,… in short, Facebook Everything. 

(Which just so happens to be the name of my program.)

Sharing my strategies, systems, and tricks, I created my signature program,  FB Everything™ to help entrepreneurs like myself make the most of this robust platform.

Even if you’ve “tried everything,” even if your pages are “dead,” and even if you’ve lost a fortune on ads...

I’ll show you a better way.

Check out all of my courses and trainings for entrepreneurs.

(I’ve been busy.)


You help us help others.


I believe entrepreneurs must use their influence to better the world, and I consider this opportunity one of my greatest blessings.

With every purchase you make, we’re able to give a portion of profits to causes in need, including The Preemptive Love Coalition, The Next Stop Foundation, Atlanta Mission, and more.

Thank you for your part in bettering our world!

:: Virtual high fives all around ::

Read my whole story (it’s a good one).

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